Hermanos Sanz

The musical group "Hermanos Sanz" is composed of Luis and Lisvette Sanz, two young singer-songwriters from Puerto Rico. In the ten years that they have been making music together they have been part of various cultural, educational, religious and social events.

They have participated in important concerts in Puerto Rico such as: La Fortaleza, El Capitolio, Pablo Casals Symphony Hall, Fine Arts Center, Coliseums. Also, Harris Theater in Chicago, and several festivals and cultural exchanges in the United States, Europe and Cuba. Luis Sanz began playing the cuatro at age 4. Lisvette, inspired by her brother, began at age 8 on the piano and 13 years on the guitar. His studies were at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, at the Escuela Libre de Música and at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. Luis has been consecutively invited to participate as a soloist in the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra since 2004. Since then, every year I have participated in several concerts with the conductor, maestro Roselín Pabón.

Luis Sanz presented his first album in 2006 "A legacy for history" with the guitarist Apolo Ocasio and the quartet Juan Gonzalez as a tribute to "maestro Ladislao Martínez". In 2008 I produced the album "Marcando la Historia" for the first time as "Sanz Brothers", which includes two compositions by Luis Sanz. In 2010, Luis Sanz won the first prize of the Festival del Cuatro by the Institute of Culture.

Now in 2015 I present the album "Stand Up" where they demonstrate musical maturity, writing lyrics and music of most of the songs. The production consists of nine tracks of varied musical genres such as: plena, seis, guaracha jíbara, bolero, waltz and new trova. The recording was directed by singer-songwriter and mentor José Nogueras in his Materia Prima studio.

With this refreshing project, where the love for our music and our traditions stands out, it offers the best of its talent that allows us to carry a message to Puerto Rico and the world: "No matter the negative things that surround us ... we can obtain ... above! "


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