José Nogueras

José Nogueras is one of the most versatile composers and singers in Puerto Rico. He has managed to reach the first places in the music charts (Hit Parade) in rock, ballad, Creole music and even in tropical music. Cheo Feliciano, Rubén Blades, Hector Lavoe, Ismael Miranda, Willie Colón, Gilberto Santarrosa, Manny Manuel, Shakira, Danny Rivera, Los Hispanos, Fernando Villalona and Olga Tañón are some of the artists who have interpreted their compositions.


Nogueras has been awarded over the years with important awards such as; "Composer of the Year" (Billboard Magazine), "Singer of the Year" (Premios Agüeybana y Cemí), "Christmas Production of the Year" and his compositions have always been distinguished by their simplicity, depth and universal feeling.


Native of the town of Mayaguez where he was born on June 18, 1951, son of José Nogueras Chapel (QPD), of the town of Añasco and Milka Vega Soto of the Town of cucumber @, San Sebastián. From an early age he felt passion for music, inspiration that is always channeled through the instrument he enjoys the most ... the guitar. His father was a simple and humble human being, with extraordinary talent for poetry and perhaps it has been Aesa vena @ what has allowed the development of José Nogueras as author.


At the age of eight he came to reside in the city of Rio Piedras, where he feels an adopted son. During its scholastic stage, between the 8 and the 16 years, it participated in a number of musical groups. Already at age 17 he began professionally, his foray into music.


Their record productions have been characterized by their excellent quality, both in the technical aspect and in the musical aspect. Each of them is framed in a concept, distinguishing itself by its sensitivity and the innovative way of harmonizing the themes. The music of José Nogueras has not only captivated the Puerto Rican public with its contagious rhythm and flavor, but has also been recognized in other Latin American countries and in the Hispanic sector of the United States.


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