Ambassador of the Hip Hop Borincano, he has taken the monkey flag starred by the most important stages of the island and beyond, SieteNueve is an MC, Poet and Activist of Hip Hop Culture. His musical recordings have been classified as classics of Hispanic Hip Hop, his proposal of change and social struggle to transcended borders, to collaborated with the most important exponents of Caribbean rap and shared stage with the greatest of the genre.

Puerto Rican Dominican parents from the neighborhood of Villa Palmeras in Santurce Puerto Rico, presents in his lyric a great diversity of social issues marked by his style influenced by the golden age of rap of the 90's. Pioneer of the movement of independent artists in Puerto Rico, SieteNueve keeps active promoting the hip-hop culture and the Afro-Caribbean identity in its talks and presentations.

A collaborated with different artists among them are: Ismael Miranda, William Cépeda, Andy Montañez, Charlie Sepulveda, David Sanchez, Jerry Medina, Oscar Cartaya, Godfader, Gombajabari, Intifada, Velcro, Ikol Santiago, Ea Flow, Tek One, Omar García , Randy Acosta (Cuba), Grupo Obsesión (Cuba), Boca Floja (Mexico), Crisálida, Cultura Profética, Jim B. (Spain), NK Profeta (Venezuela), Radical People (Peru), KR (Rep. Dom) Ben Sharpa (Soweto, South Africa) among others.


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